The philosophy of Rubberize .... simple:  Reusing & recycling rubber together with various found components to create unique, hand made, high quality, long-lasting rubber fashion pieces with a life-time guarantee.

We have no marketing plans, no target groups, and we do not follow fashion trends or seasons.  All products are unisex and one-off designs, from a simple black wallet to an extravagant bag depending on the needs & desires of each customer.  Basically, we have the philosophy of someone who creates and makes things as good as anyone would make it if they knew the process!! 

All the rubber we use is genuinely 2nd hand.  As a material, rubber is durable, waterproof, stain-resistant, diverse and beautiful.  Our methods are environmentally friendly and support a zero-waste policy, using all parts of the rubber tires we find.  Before each piece of rubber is worked, it is well washed, and carefully examined to create a pattern which minimizes waste, and maximizes its quality & aesthetic before its journey into a unique design.  

Our designs are always different and always evolving. The rubber itself comes to us with various markings, textures, text & patches from the heat and pressure endured in its previous life.  We approach the rubber aiming to enhance its form and its function, cutting it and working it in a variety of geometric and organic shapes - some modern, some retro - some simple, some flamboyant, but all durable and individual.  We also have a variety of extra features to add such as buttons, claps, zips, handles, straps and embellishments, all made from other found & reused materials.  Please see our online shop for details! 

Each bag comes with a life-time guarantee, meaning if anything happens to your cherished rubberize item, we will fix it for free!